I have the chance as a chiropractor to exercise a profession which me passionate where the study and the understanding from body prevail. I like approach this understanding under a other angle here where the sensations and mechanisms physiological change. Find out this adaptation of which is capable our organization face à a environment totally different impresses me always as much after several years from diving.

The attraction for an element cannot always be explained but in my case it was water, and more particularly the ocean. Its immensity and all the life it hides from us aroused my curiosity. It is therefore quite natural that I wanted to try the experience of diving when the opportunity arose.

From the first few meters of depth the rules change. I am a guest in this environment and I have to adapt. The weight of the body is no longer felt, lightness is the new watchword.

Attached to my tank I know that time is running out. I adjust my vest (stab) because with the depth the pressure increases on our body and compresses it, but I do not feel this pressure. A new adaptation plays perfectly well with our body.

audrey deberdt chiropracteur la respiratoin

During my underwater exploration I consult my pressure gauge, 110 bars, I am at half of my tank. I think about my breathing, slow and deep, allowing me to save my oxygen. The first few minutes, a new rhythm sets in, I have to reduce my consumption as much as possible and every movement counts. The smallest movement under water is important.

Naturally, slowness sets in and makes the experience even more beautiful. A totally different breathing rhythm is set up. I inhale slowly and then after a few seconds I exhale with the same slowness in a string of bubbles. I feel my heart adopt another slower rhythm too. I then notice as I explore that the fauna approaches me more easily. That's it, I have adapted, I am slow and without any parasite movement, I am like a big fish mixing with the others.

audrey deberdt chiropracteur coherence cardiaque apnee

From a depth of 10 meters the pressure is multiplied by 2. The physical constraints evolve and the volume of oxygen that I consume is more important. Breathlessness can quickly occur. I concentrate on my breathing, my lungs can expand freely in my rib cage and the most important thing here is to exhale.

As I ascend, the air inspired expands under the decrease in pressure. It is therefore essential that I take care to exhale the air from my lungs and not to block my breathing.
Just like air, the other fluids in our body also increase in volume as in our bladder in particular which will very frequently give the feeling of needing to relieve oneself once on the boat.

Since I entered the world of chiropracticSome elements caught my attention. Indeed, my personal experience has shown me the importance of a mobile spine that can correctly absorb the weight of the oxygen tank fixed on our back or the lead belt resting on our pelvis. Moreover, since breathing is the most important element to master for diving, the breathing capacity must be optimal. This requires a rib cage that can open properly without any limitation of amplitude and a functional diaphragm.
Finally, the most important thing is to learn to listen to and know your body, it is our most faithful ally to take us to explore new environments.

audrey deberdt chiropraxie coherence cardiaque apnee

"The secrets of good breathing 

Breathing is worked on daily, it helps to relax and also to benefit from the
of our organism properly oxygenated during the different phases of the
sports activities.