chiropracteurparis ma liste de therapeutes

My list of therapists in Paris!

Find "the therapist" But when you have it, the care is much easier. So if it helps, here's my list of trusted therapists I've worked with.

thierry rousselet orl chirurgien

Thierry Rousselet

ENT - Surgeon

01 42 79 01 88

68 Rue Pernety, 75014 Paris

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alexis nogier chirurgien orthopediste

Alexis Nogier

Orthopedic surgeon

01 44 85 19 00

23 Rue Brochant, 75017 Paris

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georges abi lahoud neurochirurgien

Georges Abi Lahoud


01 45 65 76 96

1 Rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris

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aude feuillas sage femme

Aude Feuillas-Simon


06 86 91 26 42

62 rue des entrepreneurs - 75015 PARIS

delphine azieres pedicure podologue

Delphine Azieres


06 81 19 75 70

47 Rue Copernic, 75116 Paris

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marionnutrition Nutritherapeute

Marion Baudier-Melon


Finding the right therapist is often difficult and sometimes requires several tries before finding the right one. While some platforms such as Doctolib or MonDocteur offer a solution to finding a therapist quickly, word-of-mouth is still the best way to recommend a "good" therapist with confidence. So, here is a list of doctors, surgeons, podiatrists or reflexologists that I trust and that I do not hesitate to recommend to my patients.

(This list is of course informative, it does not oblige anyone to consult it and aims only to share for those who would need it, the coordinates of highly qualified therapists and passionate about their profession).