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Audrey Deberdt D.C


Your chiropractor, Audrey Deberdt, uses specific techniques acquired through her numerous trainings and experience.
Specialist in backbone and the nervous systemAudrey Deberdt can be consulted for various back-related pathologies: neck pain, torticollis, headachesdizziness, tinnitus, jaw disorderpain with or without herniated disc, dorsalgia, low back pain, lumbago, sciaticatendinitis, shoulder problems and many other things.

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6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris

Spoken languages:

English, French

Means of payment:

Cheques, cash and credit cards

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Actions and benefits

Health is composed of 3 main elements: physical (how we move), chemical (what elements enter our body), and emotional (what is our state of mind)

When a dysfunction occurs in one of these three aspects, the nervous system can no longer ensure its communication role correctly and the other two elements are therefore affected.

Chiropractic allows us to act in synergy with the patient's body to maintain this communication, through adjustments, advice, and removal of tension.

Why chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a manual therapy that treats, prevents and relieves neuromusculoskeletal disorders. More precisely, this therapy allows to re-establish a better communication within the body via the nervous system and thus to obtain a functioning of the organism at its best potential.

The chiropractor does not seek to treat the symptoms but rather to get to the source of the pain in order to prevent its recurrence.

By restoring the balance of the body as a whole through adjustments aimed at interferences (lack of mobility, pain, etc.), the chiropractor acts to avoid dysfunction of the nervous system and therefore of the body. It is therefore optimal to consult as a preventive measure to maintain this balance.

Who is chiropractic for?

The well-being and optimal functioning of the body is based on the balance itself, which is allowed by a nervous system without interference.

Any individual, from the infant to the athlete, from the pregnant woman to the elderly, can access this balance through chiropractic consultations.

Regardless of their profile, every individual has an organization that deserves attention to bring them to their full potential.

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10 advantages for a patient to be followed by a chiropractor:

  • Balance the nervous system allows the individual to be in good health, this is one of the main objectives of the chiropractor
  • Prevention: with a regular chiropractic follow-up, the patient maintains a more durable state of well-being and reduces the risk of becoming chronic
  • Discovery : the patient reconnects with his body and his sensations
  • Awakening: over the course of the consultations, the patient will learn to listen to the signals sent by his body and adapt his daily life
  • Well being : by decreasing the burden accumulated on the body over the years, the patient moves towards a better general state of health
  • Accompaniment : Through the follow-up consultations or the advice given during the sessions, the patient evolves towards his well-being with the help of the chiropractor.
  • Performance: thanks to the lifting of joint restrictions and a nervous system that can perform its role without interference, the body functions optimally
  • Accountability: the role of the chiropractor is to help the patient to evolve, the patient is an actor in his health and the therapist guides him in this objective
  • Opportunities: when setting up the care plan, the patient is asked to set personal goals to achieve in order to optimize their health
  • Knowledge: The chiropractor exchanges with the patient and brings all the necessary explanations to the understanding of the physical condition of the latter so that he can be fully involved in maintaining his balance.

Our values

Chiropractic is for everyone! Because each person is unique, we take great care to adapt the technique to each patient who entrusts us with their back.

  • +85% of mutual insurance companies cover chiropractic.
  • 59% in fewer days in recovery.
  • 85% less on pharmaceutical costs.
  • 60% less on hospital admissions.
  • 62% in fewer surgical prescriptions.
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Qualifications & Certifications






GEC " Growing in Consciousness


NETWORK " Practice NS


GEC " Growing in Consciousness


Restrictive baby brakes


NETWORK " Practice NS


HIO " Hole In One


Natura Chiro " module 2 pregnant woman


Natura Chiro " module 1 pediatrics 


"SOT" Category 2 and 3


Applied Kinesiology


"SOT" Category 1


Ascending Descending Technique


Syntropy Module B


Syntropy Module A


Chiro Europe


TCPV " ChiroVitalist Technique


Practice Network


"MLS Adjusting Seminar





Chiropractic experience

I have always been attracted to manual activities and admired the functioning of the human body. I like to understand how the body works and to feel its workings through my hands.

I discovered chiropractic during my two years of preparation for the physiotherapy exams and I quickly knew that this profession was more suited to me.
Indeed, I wanted to go into manual therapy and practice a profession that would allow me to help patients optimize their health. I was also seduced by the reasoning and reflection necessary during each consultation to get to the source of the disorder.

So I was lucky enough to find myself in this profession at the service of the human body which acts to help it evolve correctly without changing its actions.

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Expertises & Acts

Pain management

Sports injuries



Chronic pain

Taking care of the athlete

Back pain

Musculoskeletal disorders

Postural assessment

Mutual insurance coverage

Did you know that 85% of insurance companies reimburse chiropractic consultations?
If you wish to know more about the reimbursement of your chiropractic sessions, please download the list of mutual insurance companies concerned.

Access information


6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris

Means of transport:

Metro - Boucicaut (line 8)
RER - Javel (line C)
Bus - Félix Faure (line 62)

Itinerary // Cars & Taxis

By car:

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To comeThe address to be indicated is 6 rue François Coppée 75015 Paris.
To leaveThe cab rank is located at the Boucicaut metro station, 44 Av. Félix Faure, 75015 Paris.

The office is open from Monday to Saturday, by appointment only.

The most common reasons for consultation. ( Read more )

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First consultation110 €
Consultation in follow-up care80 €

Frequently asked questions

What is the address of Mrs Audrey DEBERDT
The address of Mrs Audrey DEBERDT is: 6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris
What are the payment methods accepted by Mrs Audrey DEBERDT ?

Mrs. Audrey DEBERDT accepts the following payment methods: Cheques, cash and credit cards

Does Mrs. Audrey DEBERDT accept the "carte vitale" ?

No, Mrs. Audrey DEBERDT does not accept the carte vitale

Which languages does Mrs Audrey DEBERDT speak?

The languages that can be spoken with Mrs. Audrey DEBERDT are the following: English, French

Is Mrs. Audrey DEBERDT accepting new patients?

Yes, Mrs. Audrey DEBERDT is accepting new patients

"Restore your health with us

With our holistic approach, we not only treat the symptoms, but also look at what may be causing them, in order to prevent future problems.
Our team is here to help you, so don't hesitate to contact us today!

Patient Reviews

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Audrey is a truly gifted, patient, welcoming and gentle practitioner. I discovered chiropractic with her and I now go to see her regularly.

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Visited in April 2022

guillemets 00

The doctor is extraordinary. Audrey miraculously cured me of lumbago and neuralgia. She gives advice, provides follow-up, receives emergencies. She explains everything very effectively. I recommend Audrey and will run to her whenever I am in pain. Thank you again.

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Visited in March 2022

guillemets 00

Very good practice. Nice and warm atmosphere. Mrs DEBERDT is very pleasant and treats very well, I would return without hesitation.

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Visited in March 2022

guillemets 00

I discovered chiropractic with Audrey and I recommend it! She applies her expert hands with gentleness and precision to reduce pain. The protocol is well explained and we leave with advice to benefit from the benefits over time. Little plus: very nice office!

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Visited in March 2022

guillemets 00

What a pleasure to have sessions with Audrey, who is respectful, professional, reassuring, efficient, positive, who takes the time, and above all who really listens to understand the problem and solve it!
I was a little apprehensive but she was very caring and helped me a lot, all without any pain! Thank you!

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Visited in February 2022

guillemets 00

Audrey has been with me for over a year now, and I have never been disappointed. She is always so caring and pleasant! No more back pain, no more aches, her professionalism is really appreciated! It is with pleasure and confidence that I am followed by her! I highly recommend her!

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Visited in December 2021