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Your chiropractor, Chloé Martin, uses specific techniques acquired through her numerous trainings and experience.
Specialist in backbone and the nervous systemChloé Martin can be consulted for various back-related pathologies:  neck pain, torticollis, headachesdizziness, tinnitus, jaw disorderpain with or without herniated disc, dorsalgia, low back pain, lumbago, sciaticatendinitis, shoulder problems and many other things.

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6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris

Spoken languages:

English, French

Means of payment:

Cheques, cash and credit cards

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The role of chiropractic

Chiropractic is a manual therapy that sees the patient as a whole since its goal is to find and correct all the possible origins and causes of the patient's pain. It takes into account the 3 key elements of health: the physical, chemical and emotional aspects in order to harmonize and restore balance in this triad.

To do this, chiropractic will correct the interferences of the body and in particular the disorders of the spine and the other joints of the body, by intervening on the nervous system thanks to our main tool: the adjustment. (The adjustment is a fast, precise and specific gesture that allows to give back mobility to your body). We also act on the muscular tensions that allow to release the overuse of the muscles that can be responsible for discomfort or uncomfortable pain.

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Chiropractic and its benefits

The benefits of chiropractic go beyond pain relief. Indeed, it also helps the patient to adopt a correct posture, proper breathing and a better lifestyle while providing solutions to maintain its benefits over the long term.

By correcting the cause of the pain (which is an obstacle in the body), chiropractic will allow the symptoms to disappear by allowing the proper flow of information in the body again. The role of chiropractic is to help the body function properly again.

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Chiropractic can help maintain optimal health throughout life, not just when pain occurs.
It certainly helps to relieve pain during the biomechanical phases and even afterwards to stabilize the treatment. But it also has a very important preventive vision.

Prevention avoids reaching the stage of pain which means that the body has accumulated too much and can no longer resist. Therefore, it is important not to wait to reach this painful phase and to avoid the accumulation of its chemical and emotional micro-traumas that can manifest themselves physically.

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10 advantages for a patient to be followed by a chiropractor:

  • Restore an internal balance and the body's innate intelligence
  • Avoid accumulations of microtrauma
  • Optimize the body's capabilities and maintain them and thus feel as close as possible to a well-being and serenity
  • Breaking bad patterns/ habits that the body to adopt so make understand that the abnormal (pain, bad posture) is not normal.
  • Helping to live better and accompany people when a pathology is not within our competence (providing complementarity with other health professions)
  • Bringing solutions to patients to avoid recurrences
  • Better understand the functioning of your body and the origin of their pain
  • Regular follow-up also allows for the stabilization of a chiropractic treatment and its benefits in the long term
  • To allow mastery, control and freedom of movement
  • Boost the immune system, physical and mental fitness.

Chiropractic follow-up

Chiropractic helps the body to adapt to changes and stresses without losing internal balance and thus optimize the ability to adapt and reconnect the nervous system.

A patient with a solid base, a healthy body and a regular follow-up (to avoid the accumulation of microtraumas); allows to better apprehend the daily stresses, the challenges of life, the important changes. Because a patient who is suffering or who does not feel completely fit is affected by this state and cannot be at 100% of his capacity and therefore enjoy his daily life fully and serenely.

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"Chiropractic is really for everyone, especially for people who are ready to get better and take care of themselves. But the advantage of chiropractic is that its treatment can be adapted to all types of patients; infants, pregnant women, teenagers, athletes, seniors, and even animals... The chiropractor chooses the best approach that best suits each patient by taking into account their expectations, their body, and their pain. So everyone can come and consult without fear.

Our values

Chiropractic is for everyone! Because each person is unique, we take great care to adapt the technique to each patient who entrusts us with their back.

  • +85% of mutual insurance companies cover chiropractic.
  • 59% in fewer days in recovery.
  • 85% less on pharmaceutical costs.
  • 60% less on hospital admissions.
  • 62% in fewer surgical prescriptions.
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Qualifications & Certifications






GEC " Growing in Consciousness


NETWORK " Practice NS


GEC " Growing in Consciousness


GEC " Growing in Consciousness


HIO " Hole In One




SOT category 2 and 3


SOT category 1 


Applied Kinesiology




Practice NETWORK



My passion for chiropractic

I have always been interested and curious about the functioning of the human body, anatomy and science. It's always new discoveries, new encounters, new challenges, constant evolution and development...and that's what drives, I think, all chiropractors. That's why we love our job so much.

To be able to provide real help to people who need it, and to finally have the capacity to do so.

Chiropractic has a vision, a philosophy and its ultimate goal is to be sincere in its treatment and in the help it wants to bring to its patient.

I didn't think I would ever find a job that suited me so well in all aspects.

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Expertises & Acts

Taking care of the athlete


Postural assessment

Prevention of pain


Back pain

Reduction of tensions

Reduction of stress

Neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders

Mutual insurance coverage

Did you know that 85% of insurance companies reimburse chiropractic consultations?
If you wish to know more about the reimbursement of your chiropractic sessions, please download the list of mutual insurance companies concerned.

Access information


6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris

Means of transport:

Metro - Boucicaut (line 8)
RER - Javel (line C)
Bus - Félix Faure (line 62)

Itinerary // Cars & Taxis

By car:

To come by road : Please enter your address HERE then validate to calculate your route

To comeThe address to be indicated is 6 rue François Coppée 75015 Paris.
To leaveThe cab rank is located at the Boucicaut metro station, 44 Av. Félix Faure, 75015 Paris.

The office is open from Monday to Saturday, by appointment only.

The most common reasons for consultation. ( Read more )

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First consultation110 €
Consultation in follow-up care80 €

Frequently asked questions

What is the address of Mrs. Chloé MARTIN
The address of Mrs. Chloé MARTIN is: 6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris
What payment methods are accepted by Mrs. Chloé MARTIN?

Mrs. Chloé MARTIN accepts the following payment methods: Cheques, cash and credit cards

Does Mrs. Chloé MARTIN accept the "carte vitale"?

No, Mrs. Chloé MARTIN does not accept the carte vitale

What languages does Ms. Chloé MARTIN speak?

The languages that can be spoken with Ms. Chloé MARTIN are the following: English, French

Is Ms. Chloe Martin accepting new patients?

Yes, Ms. Chloé MARTIN is accepting new patients

"Restore your health with us

With our holistic approach, we not only treat the symptoms, but also look at what may be causing them, in order to prevent future problems.
Our team is here to help you, so don't hesitate to contact us today!

Patient Reviews

guillemets 00

How can I not recommend you to my friends and family?
You have relieved and even cured me of my back pain.
Your listening, your kindness, your gentleness make you a very beautiful person.
Long live chiropractic!

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Visited in April 2022

guillemets 00

Dr. Martin is a wonderful chiropractor who listens to her patients. Not only does Dr. Martin show genuine kindness, her office makes you feel comfortable. An expert in her field, Dr. Martin provides the best advice based on your needs. Her treatment completely eliminated my back pain and her tips on exercises have made me stronger. Dr. Martin is top-tier in her field.

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Visited in March 2022

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After having consulted several specialists (osteo, physio...) for my shoulder and back problems, I decided to turn to chiropractic. I made an appointment with Dr. MARTIN and it was a very good decision. Dr. MARTIN is a good listener and puts me at ease right away. She does not hesitate to explain in detail and simply where the pain comes from, why the body reacts like this, etc. She is also very good at advising, respecting and adapting to the choices of her patients: 2 exercises were either too frightening or too unpleasant for me, she immediately proposed alternatives that suited me!
Thanks to our 4 sessions and his encouragement (which motivated me to take up sport again), I now have much less pain, a pain that I had been suffering from for years.
I can only recommend the services of Dr. MARTIN.

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Visited in April 2022

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Very professional and efficient chiropractor!
Dr. Martin gently puts the locks back in place and the benefits of the unlocks can be felt from the very first session

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Visited in April 2022

guillemets 00

I've been under her care for a year now for a variety of pains (lumbar, cervical, ankle...) and I can attest that she's the best chiropractor I've consulted! Ms. Martin is competent, attentive and a good listener, as well as being very friendly. The sessions are long and full of advice, and the manipulation is always pleasant and effective in both the short and long term. It's a pleasure to return to the practice every time. I highly recommend her, and don't hesitate to book an appointment when a sudden pain arises!

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Visited in May 2023