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Pauline Hemmert D.C


Your chiropractor, Pauline Hemmert, uses specific techniques acquired through her numerous trainings and experience.
Specialist in backbone and the nervous systemPauline Hemmert can be consulted for various back-related pathologies: neck pain, torticollis, multiple stresses, sleep disorders, headachesdizziness, tinnitus, jaw disorderpain with or without herniated disc, dorsalgia, low back pain, lumbago, sciaticatendinitis, shoulder problems and many other things.

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6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris

Spoken languages:

English, French, German

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Cheques, cash and credit cards

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The role of chiropractic

Chiropractic focuses on rebalancing the various tensions and energy in the body. 
Our body has a great capacity of adaptation: it is able to support the physical, chemical or emotional tensions, up to a certain threshold.

Pain is a warning signal for the body when this tolerance threshold is exceeded, it is not an "enemy" to be ignored!
The body then sends us a message to change. This can be through daily habits, such as stretching, moving more, eating better, taking time for ourselves, respecting our sleep cycle. Chiropractic (as well as other professions of course), is an asset to help the body find a balance in order to better adapt to external stresses.  

In concrete terms, the chiropractor is particularly interested in the spine, as it is the intersection between the locomotor system that allows you to move and the nervous system that coordinates the body's functions.

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The role of the chiropractor

In concrete terms, the chiropractor is particularly interested in the spine, as it is the intersection between the locomotor system that allows you to move and the nervous system that coordinates the body's functions.

The nervous system governs all the functions of the organism: at the same time it is him which will give the conscious information of your brain (you decide to walk or to make such gesture), but also autonomous (you breathe naturally, and your heart low without you thinking about it for example). It is thus essential to have a system as free as possible 

Thus, the role of the chiropractor is, in my opinion, to limit the disturbances of the nervous system linked to the different tensions that we experience daily, and which can lead to a lack of flexibility of the spine, or to muscles and joints that are not stable. All of this is done by taking into consideration the origin of these tensions, in order to work on the cause, and not only on the symptom. The objective is to free the nervous system and let the body's energy flow without interference!

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"The chiropractor asks a lot of questions about the patient's lifestyle, daily life, and history, in order to help him or her better target the different tensions that he or she may be experiencing, and to accompany him or her towards targeted care and solutions that are as precise as possible in relation to the needs of each individual. We are all unique, so is the chiropractic care.

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Who is chiropractic for?

For absolutely everyone. Every living being with a spine and a nervous system can benefit from chiropractic care! From the infant to the senior citizen, no matter what stage of life the patient is in.

During a pregnancy, chiropractic accompanies the mothers-to-be and their infants. We receive patients in prevention, concerned with optimizing their health, but also patients in inflammatory crisis.

In this case, we adapt to the person to help him/her get out of this crisis: first we relieve the symptom to calm the pain, but above all, in a second step, we look for the origin of this symptom to avoid that such a crisis occurs again.

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10 advantages for a patient to be followed by a chiropractor:

  • Benefits where you don't expect them (sleep, digestion for example)

  • Reconnect with your body, learn to listen to it.

  • Restore the desire to move

  • Help him reach his physical goals (preparation of a marathon for example)

  • Understand where the pain comes from and why it recursand above all, find long-term solutions to break this chronic pain loop.

  • Help the body to be comfortable in more physiological positions (as the sessions progress, you will find yourself naturally standing straighter)

  • I attach a lot of importance to chiropractic prevention because being in good health is not about "not being in pain", it is much stronger than that. Chiropractic is a tool to optimize health, on a daily basis

  • Chiropractic is an excellent complement to physical therapy after an operation for example. The global approach it offers to the body is essential for a good recovery without compensation.

  • Regain confidence in these abilities and dare to try experiences that we were preventing ourselves from living for fear of being hurt.

  • The global care that chiropractic implies offers a space of expression to the patient. My role as a chiropractor is to collect information in order to understand the patient's symptomatology. As such, I am interested in the patient's history and health history.

Our values

Chiropractic is for everyone! Because each person is unique, we take great care to adapt the technique to each patient who entrusts us with their back.

  • +85% of mutual insurance companies cover chiropractic.
  • 59% in fewer days in recovery.
  • 85% less on pharmaceutical costs.
  • 60% less on hospital admissions.
  • 62% in fewer surgical prescriptions.
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Qualifications & Certifications


Applied Kinesiology

(100-hour training by Charles Héroux)


RNR Training 


MLS 1 & 2


Care of the pregnant woman

and the infant - Anaïs Badon


7 times MLS 1 seminar

(4 times as a student

and 3 times as Teacher Assistant)


"Gonstead" Seminar


Animal Chiropractic Training


ATLE - extremity management 


SOT - Module 1 and 2 


"Gonstead" Seminar


TMS Chiro Education " lower limbs expert 



Chiropractic experiences

I have always wanted to work in health care, and above all for patients. The holistic approach that chiropractic offers immediately resonated with my values and desires.

After 6 years of study at the Institut Franco Europeen de Chiropraxie, I joined the Chirosanté practice in June 2018 for the maternity leave replacement of Ms. Tran.

This beautiful experience led to a collaboration that still exists today, 3 years later. Today, I practice this profession with passion and with the desire to learn and improve myself through continuous training.

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pauline hemmert chiropracteurparis douleur pied
pauline hemmert chiropracteurparis bilan posturale

Expertises & Acts


Back pain

Low back pain


Jaw pain

Pregnancy follow-up

Neurological pain (e.g. sciatica)

Follow-up of chronic pain

Accompaniment of sportsmen and women

Mutual insurance coverage

Did you know that 85% of insurance companies reimburse chiropractic consultations?
If you wish to know more about the reimbursement of your chiropractic sessions, please download the list of mutual insurance companies concerned.

Access information


6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris

Means of transport:

Metro - Boucicaut (line 8)
RER - Javel (line C)
Bus - Félix Faure (line 62)

Itinerary // Cars & Taxis

By car:

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To comeThe address to be indicated is 6 rue François Coppée 75015 Paris.
To leaveThe cab rank is located at the Boucicaut metro station, 44 Av. Félix Faure, 75015 Paris.

The office is open from Monday to Saturday, by appointment only.

Wearing a mask is mandatory at the cabinet. ( Read more )

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First consultation100 €
Consultation in follow-up care70 €

Frequently asked questions

What is the address of Mrs Pauline HEMMERT?
The address of Mrs Pauline HEMMERT is: 6 Rue François Coppée, 75015 Paris
What are the means of payment accepted by Mrs Pauline HEMMERT ?

Mrs. Pauline HEMMERT accepts the following payment methods: Cheques, cash and credit cards

Does Mrs. Pauline HEMMERT accept the carte vitale?

No, Mrs. Pauline HEMMERT does not accept the carte vitale

Which languages does Mrs Pauline HEMMERT speak?

The languages that can be spoken with Mrs. Pauline HEMMERT are the following: English, French and German

Does Mrs. Pauline HEMMERT accept new patients?

Yes, Mrs. Pauline HEMMERT is accepting new patients

"Restore your health with us

With our holistic approach, we not only treat the symptoms, but also look at what may be causing them, in order to prevent future problems.
Our team is here to help you, so don't hesitate to contact us today!

Patient Reviews

guillemets 00

Great! Pauline is always very attentive and gives good advice. In addition to relieving the small aches and pains of everyday life, she really brings a qualitative follow-up (lifestyle, health prevention, well-being). I have been seeing her for several years and I warmly recommend her.

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Visited in July 2021
guillemets 00
Hello, I have never had a professional with so much patience and empathy... Pauline knew how to take the time I needed (even more) at this difficult time! She put words to my pain. At each manipulation she warns me of what she is going to do, so there are no surprises. She is confident and explains all her actions. From the first appointment I trusted her completely! Thank you for everything and thank you for your kindness
avis patients 1


Visited in May 2021
guillemets 00

Very attentive, caring and educational, Ms. Duperray has changed my daily life by making my neck pain disappear! I could not get rid of these pains despite numerous osteo sessions for several years.
I recommend her without hesitation! Thanks again to her!

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Visited in July 2021

guillemets 00

Listening, not interventionist, just what is needed, very professional! Brings a real well-being, helps me greatly in the case of injuries related to stress or sports practice. And above all, takes the time to explain: a gem! I recommend without hesitation

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Visited in July 2021

guillemets 00

I arrived at the first consultation completely exhausted from all the tensions accumulated in my body. Pauline immediately knew how to put the right words on these tensions and to relieve them and make them disappear thanks to her manipulations. She is an excellent therapist, gentle, attentive and educational. You can call on her with confidence! Thank you Pauline, after these three sessions, I am reborn!

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Visited in July 2021

guillemets 00

I came the first time because of a persistent and recurrent stiff neck. In 2/3 sessions, I had no more pain and most of all it didn't come back. The whole family went there: repeated sprains, sciatica... I do a session every three months and I am worth it! Thank you again for your professionalism and your kindness.

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Visited in June 2021